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Natural Born Killer (short story) - eBook

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This gripping short story follows Nathan, a young man who has worked hard for his success, as he struggles with a shocking accusation that threatens to tear apart his life.

When the police show up on his doorstep asking questions about a murder that he has nothing to do with, Nathan is forced to confront secrets he thought were buried.

As his life begins to unravel he is forced to confront a truth he never wanted to acknowledge.

If you enjoyed the suspenseful thrill of stories such as Gone Girl and The Silent Patient, then you'll love this gripping tale of obsessive love and accusation. Don't miss out on this thrilling story - buy it now! 

Bonus story: Whaz My ‘Ame.

From the collection A Sandwich Can't Stop A Bullet.


“You are Nathan Sawyer, correct?” one of the two men in suits asked.

I leaned on the other side of the apartment door, revealing only my upper body, and spotted the badges and names Stirling and Rucker on their IDs.

“We would like to ask you a few questions involving an investigation,” the second man said.

Both shared the same tight hairstyles and age except one was black and the other was white. The black one (Stirling) appeared tired and the white one (Rucker) annoyed.

“And you said you’re homicide detectives?”

They nodded.

“May we come in?” Stirling asked.

My hand tightened on the doorknob.

“I don’t have to let you in unless you have a warrant, right?”

Rucker rolled his eyes.

“We just thought you would be more comfortable talking in your apartment so your neighbors don’t hear our conversation.”

“Are your parents home?” Rucker asked.

“My mom is sleeping. She works nights.” They didn’t ask about my dad so I didn’t bring him up. He’s not worth mentioning. “I’d rather talk out here so we don’t bother my mom.”

“Where were you on April 13th?” Stirling asked. “Between the hours of nine PM and one AM?”

“I was home,” I said. “Sleeping mostly.”

“Anyone to verify that?” Rucker asked. “Your moms.”

“My mom was at work,” I said.

The white cop snickered.

“Right. She works nights,” Rucker said. “Do you know Emil Khan?”

“Yeah. He’s in my Biology class this year.”

“How well did you know him?”

I shrugged.

“We shared a few classes but we never hung out after school unless we had to do a project together.”

“Did you like him?”

“Nathan, who you talking to?”

Mom came up behind me and opened the door wider. Both cops smiled. I stepped aside to escape the anger that radiated off her. Mom hated cops since they were always pulling her over for bullshit reasons. They introduced themselves and displayed their badges and IDs again.

“And why do you want to talk to my son?” Mom asked.

“We’re investigating the murder of Emil Khan,” Rucker said.

“Wait. Emil is dead?” I asked

“My son a suspect?”


“We’re just casting a wide net.”

“We’re talking to everyone,” Stirling said.

“Next time call first so I can have our lawyer present,” Mom said.

She slammed the door in their faces. I backed further in the apartment and braced for the storm. Perhaps I could jump through the window and climb down the fire escape. Mom exhaled hard, each breath loosening her high shoulders.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked.

I shrugged.

“You have work tonight.”

She nodded and rubbed her eyes.

“Did you eat dinner yet?” she asked.

“They think I killed someone,” I said.

“You know how stupid cops are.” She walked over and kissed my cheek. “They have no idea who did it and they want to bother everyone.” She crossed the living room and entered the kitchen. “Feel like chili burgers and potatoes tonight?”

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Natural Born Killer (short story) - eBook

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