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(R)Evolution - signed paperback

M.E. Purfield
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They tried to kill the ugliness, but they only made it stronger.

The icecaps melted and the water consumed the shorelines, but New York City still stands. All four boroughs prosper thousands of feet over the old metropolis hastily protected by walls. Proper citizens live above in a beautiful, protective dome on concrete stilts and criminals serve life below in the polluted, walled ghost of a city.

Richard Smith, a street-sweeper, enjoyed life in NYC with his wife until their deformed, life-supported child is medically terminated at birth by the government, pulling Richard’s soul into darkness.

When he receives a distressing message from a group known as Right-To-Life, Richard sinks lower. His child and many others may be alive and living with the criminals below in old New York. He needs to find his son and there is only one way possible to confirm if it’s true.

What he finds may be more than what society above can fathom.

A tense, wild ride of a sci-fi dystopian novel from the author of the Blunt Force Kharma series.

  • Signed paperback of this thrilling dystopian novel.

  • Signed paperback of this thrilling dystopian novel.
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(R)Evolution - signed paperback

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